We at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop want to celebrate our visual arts friends this summer with a peek into their work or studio spaces on Instagram. We are curious about the spaces and rituals that give rise to creation. Do folks leave home to go work in a studio, or clear a corner of the kitchen table? Is the creative space a physical one, or perhaps a set of tools that signal it’s time to make art. Read the full length features and follow us on Instagram @chawindc to meet and learn about some of our favorite, local artists.

This week we’re featuring CHAW Teaching Artist Carolina Mayorga. 

1. In a few sentences introduce yourself.

Hello everybody, I am Carolina Mayorga. I’ve been a visual artist for as long as I can remember and a CHAW Teaching Artist for 17 years for the YAP and Adult program. My favorite thing to do is drawing. During the pandemic, I created more that 1000 pieces of art including drawings, paintings and sculptures. This year I presented ARTidotes, a community-based project at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery and CHAW promoting art as a healing tool. It worked for me! So I encourage you to draw, paint and make any kind of art when you’re feeling sad or worried, or how about just to enjoy? No talent needed, just put your mind and heart to it! 

Carolina at Rehoboth beach, April 2021, Photo Credit: Craig Garrett

2. Briefly describe your work and/or artistic process.

I usually create interdisciplinary site-specific projects that include video, performance art, sculpture and drawing. Most recently, I’ve had a stronger desire to share my work and art practice with other artists, reach audiences in their own communities and integrate art into daily life. For my current project ARTidotes, I invited 20 local and international artists of all disciplines to participate and respond to the idea of art as healing. Currently I am working on a new body of work inspired by Fauvism, observations of new public art works in the city and colorful gardens around my neighborhood in NE, DC.

Tiny Library Project for CHAW, work in progress. October 2020. So much Fun!

3. What is your favorite art supply at the moment? 

I’m totally in love with a set of watercolor brushes my niece got me for my birthday last November. These inspired me to start a new series of drawings and paintings which have become a totally mindless explosion of color! 

4. Tell us about a happy accident in your studio.

Accidents? Plenty. Happy? All of them!

“I am a super-hero and so are you!” Markers and colored pencils on paper. 
               Self-portrait assignment for the Youth Art Program drawing class, Spring 2021
 “Jalene with a Pink Earring. From the Fauve series” Sculpture: Watercolor on paper
  Our great model Jalene posing as the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer. Virtual Adult Drawing Class, Spring 2021

Follow Carolina on Instagram at @camayorga1120 and check out more of her work at carolinamayorga.com



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