Chaw in Your Community 

CHAW in your community is our commitment to offering artistic opportunities to families of all backgrounds, to collaborating with local businesses to support the folks who bring life and color to our neighborhood, and to reaffirming our gratitude to the individuals who make all of this possible.

Here at CHAW community means everything. Our mission, building community through the arts, is infused into everything that CHAW does- in the building and through all of our partnerships in the city. We celebrate this and are always on the look-out for more ways to build inclusive community.

Join us for a community event! 

Events continue to be the way we best connect with our diverse and expansive community, bridging together programming to include student recitals and showcases, gallery show reception, guest performances, and more! Swing by one of our Lawn Parties to witness the eclectic magic of CHAW!