We at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop want to celebrate our visual arts friends this summer with a peek into their work or studio spaces on Instagram. We are curious about the spaces and rituals that give rise to creation. Do folks leave home to go work in a studio, or clear a corner of the kitchen table? Is the creative space a physical one, or perhaps a set of tools that signal it’s time to make art. Read the full length features and follow us on Instagram @chawindc to meet and learn about some of our favorite, local artists.

This week we’re featuring CHAL member Anne Albright. 

1. In a few sentences introduce yourself.

I live in Bethesda, MD with my husband Dan Earman. We have one daughter who lives in Charlotte, NC. I retired four years ago after spending 35+ years in the IT industry. 

2. Briefly describe your work and/or artistic process.

I prefer to paint from my head and imagination rather than a still life or photograph. I LOVE putting water on paper and dropping watercolor pigment into the water to watch it move around and do what it wants.  I first studied watercolor in 2012 at a workshop in Cortina, Italy through my alma mater, The University of Georgia. I’ve been studying ever since!  

3. What is your favorite art supply at the moment? Or tell us about a happy accident in your studio.

I’m currently taking a class in experimental drawing using water soluble graphite. I’m totally enamored.

4. Describe your studio space. 

This is the table where I do my small acrylic pieces in my studio at Wheaton Arts Parade, Wheaton, MD. I keep my watercolors at home so I can paint at 10 o’clock at night if the mood hits.  On the wall is my version of caladiums and a piece I did using corrugated cardboard. The paintings on the easel have been made into cards.



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