This month we’re featuring Rindy OBrien for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature. Read their story and check out their beautiful artwork below.

I am a long time member of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop community, and former Chair of the Capitol Hill Art League. My family tree is full of artists and poets. My great grandmother has a series of flowers paintings hanging to this day in the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. My brother and sister in law have also worked in several New York museums.  

Cola Alley the Hill

Recently, I have started working in a new genre of sorts.  Known for my color and simplicity of theme, I have started experimenting with panoramic photography. Rather than focusing in portrait mode on one subject, I am swinging my camera wide and taking in the whole scene. There are many different ways to achieve a panoramic photograph, and I continue to test them out.  

New Hampshire Lake

Besides using the panoramic setting on my IPhone, I have played around with what David Hockney calls joiners.  He is famous for cutting and pasting a number of pictures together to form a stacked art piece. Ed Ruscha also played around with this in his famous piece “Every Building on the Sunset Strip,” which he produced from the back of a truck in 1966. It is definitely fun to be exploring the whole wide world.

Iceland Sky
Iceland Explorers


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