This month we’re featuring Fatuma Mohamed for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature. Read their story and check out their beautiful artwork below. Find Fatuma Mohamed at

I am a self-taught artist from Kenya currently living In Maryland. My work explores my experiences and fond memories from Africa and places I have encountered in my travels such as  Europe and now America. My insight is a combination of both traditional and modern art.

Since my adolescent years, I was drawn by the traditional art around me such as the African masks. I loved how a painting and its use of different colors would exert different emotions and reactions from different minds. What started as a fascination later turned into a vision and a yearning to pick up my first painting brush. When I am painting, I am in my natural state. I feel free as I let my imagination run wild.

Years later through diligence and practice, I developed a unique painting style and created works that I and the people around me love. I believe everything around me is a form of art. I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques and combining various mediums in my work. I use acrylic paint in my artwork and I enjoy the flexibility it provides. I also occasionally use materials influenced by African culture such as African beads, sand, Ankara fabric just to name a few. I paint wishing to inspire my audience and expose them to new ideas and a different outlook of art.

You can find more info on Fatuma at


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