This month we are featuring Victoria Lakes for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist series. Read her story and check out her artwork below.

You can view more of Victoria’s artwork here: 22957?ref=ts

Creating art has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I’ve always been interested in art, beginning with my elementary years in a Catholic school in the Philippines, where art was my favorite subject. While at home on school breaks, I enjoyed sketching with my younger siblings before our afternoon siesta (a Philippine tradition). I studied art at the University of Santo Tomas for two years before immigrating to the United States, where I was fortunate enough to land some challenging but exciting jobs in Washington, D.C. in graphic design and production (including, most recently, employment with
National Geographic). Throughout, I have painted in oil and acrylic in my spare time. In 2012, I first exhibited my work at Art Space (now Falls Church Arts) in Virginia, and I have continued to participate in juried and other shows. In addition, my work is included in two online art galleries, Singulart and Fine Art America.


My work is eclectic and I have not limited myself to a particular theme or genre. I love the idea of discovering ways to express myself through art, and it will always be a learning experience for me. In the past, I painted more traditional artwork but now I’m more drawn to modern and abstract style. When I create, I like my art to have a certain uniqueness with an eclectic mix. Working with a modernist abstract style, I love using bright, vivid colors or monochromatic colors depending on the mood I’m trying to project.


The mediums that I use are oil and acrylic on canvas (with the use of brush or palette knife or both) and charcoal or ink on paper. My technique ranges from precise and detailed to free expression.


My childhood memories, travel, family, animals and nature inspire me to keep on creating. Every work of art has a story to tell and I am enjoying this journey. My little studio is my happy place, a place to de-stress, think and create.


My personal website:
Instagram handle: @vlakesart
Online galleries: and


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