This month we are featuring Dave Mann for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist series. Read his story and check out his artwork below.

You can view more of Dave’s artwork here:

My early career involved frequent moves, a year or three in different
parts of the world before moving on to another IT development project.
So many art museums I can visit, so many photographs I can take and so
many artists who are amazingly patient with me! As the world becomes
more complex, I find that visual approaches help me communicate with
people of vastly different backgrounds.

With time and patience many of my recreational photos turn into
montages and then, with older technologies, into hand-pulled prints.
They allow me to express my perception of human experience in more
symbolic, metaphorical and satisfying ways.


Dreamtime – Intaglio Etching – The time-before-time when the spirits formed the
world was called dreamtime.  Aboriginal legends

Taming Adam

Taming Adam – Relief Print – “Aruru, you are the one who created humanity? Now go
and create a new hero, let them balance each other perfectly, so that Uruk has
peace.” Epic of Gilgamesh 3 rd millennia BCE


Pinocchio – Intaglio Etching – Pinocchio was a naughty, pine-wood marionette who
gains wisdom through a series of misadventures. Book by Cado Collodi

Deux Cheveaux

Deux Chevaux – Intaglio Etching – 2CV Built by Citroën to motorize France after WWII and
rugged enough to cross freshly plowed fields.

Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square 2020 – Relief Print – In front of the White House on June 1 st 2020,
National Guard and mounted police cleared Lafayette Square of peaceful Black-Lives-
Matter protesters with violence, flash grenades and tear gas.

Studio: Artists’ Lofts – Studio Nuovo

35246 Harry Byrd Hwy 210-G, Round Hill, Virginia 20141

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