We at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop want to celebrate our visual arts friends this summer with a peek into their work or studio spaces on Instagram. We are curious about the spaces and rituals that give rise to creation. Do folks leave home to go work in a studio, or clear a corner of the kitchen table? Is the creative space a physical one, or perhaps a set of tools that signal it’s time to make art. Read the full length features and follow us on Instagram @chawindc to meet and learn about some of our favorite, local artists.

This week we’re featuring museum educator and artist Ariel Gory. 

1. In a few sentences introduce yourself.

My name is Ariel and I’m a museum educator, nature lover and artist working every day to be the change I want to see in the world. Whether doodling, crafting gifts for family, drawing figures or painting, making art sparks joy for me and brings me peace in the midst of stressful or challenging times.

2. Briefly describe your work and/or artistic process 

I make art because it feels good. Slowing down to create pictures of the things I see, like the people or nature around me, gives me a chance to reflect and relax. So I choose my subjects and medium based on what makes me feel the happiest.

Osprey Head, Watercolor, 2021

Painting birds helps me to spend more time with birds that I usually only see briefly and from far away through my binoculars. This painting is inspired by the ospreys that have a nest near Yards Park.

Lifer Bird: Painted Bunting, Watercolor, 2021 

Until last year, most of my art for the past 7 years has been figure drawings in charcoal and wax marker. This past year I decided to mix two of my passions – art and bird watching – and started making watercolor paintings of birds I see.

3. What is your favorite art supply at the moment? Or tell us about a happy accident in your studio. 

My favorite art supply right now is my watercolor paints set! I’ve never used watercolors before last year. After randomly taking a free virtual watercolor class with my family as a way to bond with them from a distance, I fell in love.

 Koi Fish, Watercolor, 2020

This is my first watercolor painting. The way the colors mixed and moved with water made me fall in love with the medium.

4. Tell us about a little bit about your “studio”

I paint at my little dining table facing the large window in my living room. This year I figured out that if I keep my art supplies where I can see them and easily access them, I’m more likely to sit and paint on a random weekday and make art more often! So, I keep a rolling cart stocked with my basic supplies right next to my table and keep one end of the table covered with old wrapping paper so it’s ready for me to sit and paint at anytime!

You can find Ariel’s work on Instagram @peaceloveandariel



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