This month we’re featuring Judy Searles for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature. Read their story and check out their beautiful artwork below.

I take many photographs. I see details others don’t.  I find beauty in things of little value.  I make etchings and monotype prints.  I splash acrylic paint around.  I belong to 3 art leagues and a critique group.  I’ve taken many classes and workshops from some amazing people.  I routinely get work accepted into art shows, even a sale or a prize now and then.  I love doing these things and find them gratifying.  Yet… I still can’t think of myself as an artist!  Maybe because I am impatient and want instant gratification or the fact I am terrible at drawing or I am surrounded by friends who are incredible artists.

Fortunately, photography, painting abstractly and printmaking the way I do it intuitively do not require drawing skills or a whole lot of patience.  I began my creative life as a photographer, studying darkroom techniques (remember those?) at the Smithsonian.  My husband tricked me into taking a watercolor workshop and I went on to take many more.  Then I became fascinated with printmaking and for many years enjoyed working at the Discover Graphics Atelier.  Now I play with acrylics as well, since I enjoy the bright colors and textures.  Lately gold pens have found their way into my art.  Since the three media I like best (photography, printmaking and painting) are all so different, its hard to say what inspires me the most.  Color?  Details?  Light?  Shadows?  Nature?  Texture?  Or all of the above.  All I know is that it is tons of fun, I’ve met some marvelous artists, and I hope to keep doing it for many more years!


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