The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop is proud to announce that MK Bailey has been chosen as our 2020 Gallery Resident. MK will be working in the CHAW Gallery from January 6 to February 10, 2020. We will be hearing a lot more from MK in the upcoming months but present to you a description of her project. Congratulations MK and we look forward to having you in the Gallery!

“I will be working in the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Gallery this new year to construct a life-size, evolving collage on a wall of the gallery space. The installation will grow and change as I  respond to the gallery environment. I’ll be documenting the evolution of the piece with a series of paintings based off the installation over the course of the five-week residency. The work will capture the twists and turns of my creative process and is meant to encourage contemplation on the evolving nature of inspiration.

This project would expand on my most recent body of work, which was painted from digital collages I created using found imagery. For this installation, I am most interested in exploring the close relationship between dreams and memories. The typical imagery found in my work is drawn from three main sources – the historical (i.e. the fine art canon), the personal, and the everyday. These individual images are positioned together in interactive ways to create complex stories and layers of meaning. By using collage this way, I can build entire worlds for everything from the weirdest dreams to the most delicate of memories to inhabit.”

~ MK Bailey



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