This month we’re featuring Karin Edgett for the Capitol Hill Art League’s Mind of the Artist feature. Read her story and check out her artwork below. You can view more of her artwork here:
Most exciting are finding the joy in everyday weeds like this “dandelion praises”

I Previously knew myself more as a painter, mixing in printing and word smithing. When the great pandemic of 2020 hit, I took a left turn and dove deeper into all things metaphysical and quantum to try and make sense of what was happening, and help to create meaningful transformation amongst the chaos. With all my former activities and social opportunities shuttered, I took to long solitary walks in nature. And, I also sensed, with the reduction in noise and pollution, nature had more of an opportunity to shine. In particular it was the flowers that started drawing me inwards. I dusted off my photography skills and got a macro lens and began exploring their color, energy and pattern. And they revealed their ability to transform ~ transform the energy of thoughts, hearts, physical being-ness and our consciousness. Flowers were no longer those passive bursts of color for our enjoyment in gardens and along landscapes or essences in a bottle; they actually had living “new” information. 

Example of the light at play in this “blossoming cherry”

 Darwin once called flowers “an abominable mystery”, and Monet said “perhaps I owe becoming a painter to flowers”. I think, in particular from year 2020 and beyond, flowers are here to assist in a great consciousness shift where humanity moves from a mind-centered way of being to a heart-centered way of being, and all you have to do is notice them.     

Wind-tattered crocus emanating color energy

Most days, I wander 5-7 miles poking through gardens and weedy areas around DC. I gather hundreds of photos at a time in hopes to find a few gems, where light, auras, essences, shapes and colors convey transformative energy in the photo. 

A rare native purple fringeless orchids’ “invitation to dance”

I share my flower photos on instagram at @edgempress or @newearthflowers
Prints and a new book called New Earth Flowers and a Personal Soul Flower notecard are available on my website

My studio is on Capitol Hill, where I create, in paint, words and as of now, work with flowers. 


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