Alexander Prince:
Program Assistant & Evening Receptionist

Alexander grew up in Friendship Heights with his grandparents, Thomas and Ilanita Prince. Alexander has a deep love of learning and music instilled in him by his family. His father John Prince was a guitarist and clarinetist. Ilanita, his grandmother was a music teacher at Hearst School for over 20 years. Alexander graduated from John Eaton Elementary School in DC and the Heights School in Potomac MD, where he was a star athlete. Alexander received a musical scholarship to attend Morehouse College, the alma mater of his 2 uncles. Alexander’s mother Marie Grunitzky is from Lome, Togo and she is French-speaking. His father John spoke French too, having lived in Togo while his father, Thomas Prince was stationed there as a diplomat at the American Embassy. Alex has traveled in the U.S., Africa, and Europe.

 Alexander enjoys working in an educational setting where he can teach and share his enthusiasm for knowledge. He has worked for the Frederick Douglas Issac Myers Maritime Park and Museum as a STEAM facilitator and tour guide. Alexander is a composer and has also worked for Schaefers Piano in Rockville, MD. Alexander received early instruction in music from his grandmother and Mr. McGee. Alexander’s great uncle is Dr. T.J. Anderson, a prominent American composer. Alexander is a longtime member of Mt Zion United Methodist Church where he is a musical consultant and a member of the Board of Trustees.  Alexander is a dedicated advocate for learning and young people’s academic success. He is delighted to now be a part of the CHAW team.