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Thank you for your generosity! We depend on people like you, people who want to give back, to help make the arts available to everyone, no matter their financial situation.  This year, we provided more than $70,000 in tuition assistance to our neighbors who can’t afford to take classes at CHAW.  This wouldn’t be possible without our generous donors!

We’d like to share a story that exemplifies the importance and impact of our tuition assistance program  It’s about Malachi, a 10-year-old boy who came to CHAW Arts Adventure camp last summer through our tuition assistance program:


Malachi, along with his three younger brothers and his younger sister, lived with their mom in a former hospital room at the DC General homeless shelter, less than a mile away from CHAW.  He attended several camp sessions with us, and we got to know him pretty well.  He loved the atmosphere emphasizing kindness, creativity and community that imbues CHAW summer camp.  Soon after his arrival at camp, it was clear that Malachi had a real talent for drawing and especially for dance.


Ms. Laura, CHAW’s camp dance instructor, noticed Malachi’s natural talent and enthusiasm, and the way he lit up while dancing.  She contacted a colleague at The Dance Institute of Washington, who arranged for Malachi to have an audition there.  We’re happy, and very proud, to report that Malachi received a full scholarship for lessons in Hip-Hop and Ballet.  After Malachi attended a few classes, the Dance Institute offered him a scholarship for Modern Dance lessons as well.  He and his mom happily accepted the offer.  CHAW staffers Ms. Leslie and Mr. Brian made sure that Malachi got to his lessons on days when his mom couldn’t get him there.


Malachi’s family finally got an apartment of their own this fall, after months in the homeless shelter.  As his family of five settles into their new place, Malachi continues his dance lessons, and we look forward to seeing him again at CHAW very soon. 

We are so proud, and fortunate, to be part of a community--this community-- that can make a story like Malachi’s not just a story, but a reality.  At CHAW, we strive to provide the chance for all of us to explore our shared humanity by learning, creating, and experiencing new ideas in a place where kindness and compassion for everyone are our foundation.

Please help us provide more art to more people with a tax-deductible donation to CHAW.  Any amount you can give makes a difference for our students and our community.  For the most impact, consider a monthly credit card donation at whatever level you can give--with one transaction on your end, you’ll help CHAW throughout the year.  You can give CHAW strength through your generosity.

Thank you!

Your donation makes a real difference to children like Malachi and to all of us who believe in the power of creativity and the arts.


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