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Dear Friend of CHAW,

Happy Spring!


Springtime at CHAW means it’s time for our annual fundraising campaign, Paint Bucket. Our goal is $65,000 in 65 days. As part of the CHAW community, I hope you’ll make a donation to Paint Bucket today. Our Board of Directors has already raised over $8,000 in pledges and donations—more than 10% of our goal!


On any given day at CHAW, you’ll find people happily learning and creating in a safe, nurturing space. Depending on the hour, you might see toddlers and caregivers going to music class, or pre-school ballerinas practicing pirouettes as they line up behind their teacher. Adults may be focusing on their drawing and watercolor skills in the art studio.


After school, elementary and middle-school students rush in for ceramics, painting, theater, or private music lessons, and in the evening adults arrive for visual arts, photography, dance classes and music lessons, among other things. Perhaps you’d see a local professional theater company rehearsing for its next show in the black box theater, or hear a senior choir working through a new piece of music.


These things, and so many more, happen here every day. We know from experience that art, creativity, and community can transform people’s lives in positive ways. We’ve also learned that our creative community is enriched by all kinds of people from many different backgrounds. The thing that YOU can make possible at CHAW, with your donations, is creating a place where everyone, regardless of background, can connect through the transforming power of art and creativity.


In fact, throughout CHAW’s history it’s been a priority to never turn anyone away from our classes and programs because they can’t afford to pay. In just the last two years, CHAW gave $125,000 in tuition assistance. About 90% of students receiving tuition assistance were children and the other 10% adults. Numerous studies show the educational advantages kids gain from the arts.


Whether simply looking at and learning about paintings, practicing an instrument or visual art technique, or taking part in a theater production, children’s minds are stretched and strengthened by arts experiences. The positive art effect intensifies as you move farther down the socio-economic ladder. Your gift can make all the difference for many of our students. As one mom describes so eloquently.


“My daughters derived so much benefit from the ability to take classes at CHAW as a result of tuition assistance. Our entire family learned from the experience as our lives were enriched with music we learned, ideas we implemented and new ways of looking at our daily activities through the lens of art lived rather than seen from a distance. My daughters grew tremendously, shared the joy of music and dancing with other children and made friends whose company reinforced their classroom experience. We cannot thank CHAW enough!”


Please help us create a world of “art lived rather than seen from a distance” for everyone at CHAW. Any amount you can give makes a difference for our students and our community. Consider a recurring donation of $10 to $20 monthly to provide the arts throughout the year. It’s quick and easy to make your donation now online.


You can give CHAW strength through your generosity. Because of you, we can welcome everyone to CHAW to find their inspiration, nurture their creativity, and join a supportive community, regardless of their financial backgrounds. We wouldn’t be here without you, our community! Thank you for your kindness and your financial support.

Best wishes for a wonderful Spring. And thank you for all you do.



Jill Strachan
Executive Director


P.S. Our Paint Bucket goal this year is $65,000 for tuition assistance. Please fill out the enclosed donor card and pop it in the mail, or donate online at Your gift puts us one step closer to our goal!



Thank you!  We jump for joy when you help us bring more art to more people!


Photograph by Leslie Mansour