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May 2014
Dear Friend of CHAW,

It’s that time of year — time for CHAW’s annual fund-raising campaign, Paint Bucket! Our goal this year is to raise$65,000 in 65 days. As part of the CHAW community, I hope you’ll make a gift this year during our annual Paint Bucket Campaign. At CHAW, we believe that creativity and community can make a difference in everyone’s lives. We believe that our creative community is enriched by all kinds of people from many different backgrounds. Because these beliefs are central to everything we do, we work hard to make our classes as affordable as possible and to provide tuition assistance to anyone in need.


About 95% of our tuition assistance goes to children. Numerous studies show the educational advantages kids gain from the arts. Whether simply looking at and learning about paintings, learning an instrument or visual art technique, or taking part in a theater production, children’s minds are stretched and strengthened by arts experiences.


One CHAW mom was happily surprised to witness this in her eight-year-old daughter, Carrington. They were browsing in a ceramics shop one day, and it was:
"one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Carrington and the owner of the store were 'talking shop.' The conversation went way beyond my limited understanding, and it was great to see Carrington in her element and comfort zone. She didn’t just ask questions, but made suggestions and shared some of her own strategies and ideas with the shop owner."


Another mom, who attends college full time and works part time, notes that:
"[tuition assistance] has greatly helped this family. Amira has a real passion for the arts. Her desire to create things has spilled over into her school work. Her school teachers are really proud of her progress."
Last year, CHAW provided more than $75,000 in tuition assistance, much of it to wonderful children like Carrington and Amira.

Gifts from our community of donors will also allow us to welcome children from DC General homeless shelter to summer camp for a second year. CHAW covers tuition and provides transportation, lunch and snacks for a group of children from the shelter in our neighborhood; last year 17 kids from DC General attended 61 weeks of summer camp! This would be impossible without our caring donors.


We also know that the arts can make a difference in adult lives, as expressed by a young woman who was laid off from her journalism position. As she struggled to live on a very limited income while searching for a new job, she looked for ways to cope with her new reality:
"Not working full time has been a stressful experience, and during this period I’ve realized how important it is to make time for creativity. Not only does [making art] help to center myself, but I find that it inspires everything that I do, personally and professionally."


With tuition assistance, this young woman was able to find important support and take ceramics classes at CHAW and increase her creative capacity in a difficult time. Your generosity will allow us to welcome everyone to CHAW to find their inspiration, nurture their creativity, and join a supportive community, regardless of their financial backgrounds. I hope you’ll join us – we depend on our donors to help us give more art to more people! It’s quick and easy to make your donation now using the enclosed donation card or online at


Best wishes for a wonderful Spring!
Thank you for all you do.


Jill Strachan
Executive Director

P.s. Our Paint Bucket goal this year is $65,000 for tuition assistance. Please fill out the enclosed donor card and pop it in the mail, or donate online at Your gift puts us one step closer to our goal!

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