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Thanks for visiting our Donate Page! Just by clicking here, we know you are a CHAWsome supporter. So we want to make sure you know just how far your dollars will go here at CHAW.

To ensure that we are as inclusive as possible, we are proud that we have never turned a child away for inability to pay for an arts class. Every dollar that comes in here goes straight to supporting our robust tuition assistance program, which allows us to open our doors to anyone who wants to access an arts class--regardless of means. We also have CHAW buses that pick up at area schools, as well as at the DC General Homeless Shelter, to provide access to students whose caretakers are unable to pick them up midday. Providing high quality, caring, supportive, and skills-building experiences to all (including adults!) is core to our operations.



So what can a donation do?

  • $250 will enable 1 underserved child to attend the afterschool youth arts program for the entire semester, completely free

  • $100 pays for a full month of gas so the CHAW vans can pick up kids from schools and the Homeless Shelter

  • $50 provides a piano lesson for a child who can't afford tuition



We believe that the arts are fundamental to our humanity, but we also know that they are deeply tied to student success.  Did you know that kids who have four years of art in high school score 100 points higher on the SAT, that they are less likely to drop out of school, and more likely to volunteer?  And that these findings are even more robust in underserved populations?  Yet these are the very populations that are seeing less and less art in their schools.  That's where CHAW comes in.  With a message of confidence, creativity, and community, our classes deploy the arts to level the playing field.

It's a pretty amazing thing--we have seen kids grow and thrive through this program, and we are always hoping to offer it to more children who are increasingly marginalized. One parent had the following to say about the benefits of CHAW and the tuition assistance program:

“My daughters derived so much benefit from the ability to take classes at CHAW as a result of tuition assistance. Our entire family learned from the experience as our lives were enriched with music we learned, ideas we implemented and new ways of looking at our daily activities through the lens of art lived rather than seen from a distance. My daughters grew tremendously, shared the joy of music and dancing with other children and made friends whose company reinforced their classroom experience. We cannot thank CHAW enough!”



And we can't thank you enough for making these kinds of experiences possible--and for believing that the arts are for everyone. You are making a CHAWsome difference in DC!



Jill Strachan
Executive Director





thank you!


We jump for joy when you help us bring more art to more people!


Photography by Leslie Mansour